Get ready to view over 100 high quality vehicles. We have a wide variety of vehicles and down payments to fit your needs and budget!!!

How much are down payments?

We have always been known for our low down payments because we do our own financing and don't make money off higher down payments like alot of secondary finance dealers. Doing our own financing gives us flexibility to work with your situation and budget.

Most our down payments range from $800 to $2500 down and you can pay less down and pay the rest later within a month usually up to $500. We have suggested down payments that put you in an ideal payment and term range but we want to work with your budget and situation. If we are asking $1000 down you could put down $700 for example and pay the other $300 in a month. If we are asking $2000 down you could pay $1500 and pay the other $500 in a month.

Also, down payments are not written in stone and can vary widely and we can work with you. We will work with your budget and your situation and can vary widely based off your application and credit, the vehicle you pick, the term and rate, etc. Our goal is to get you riding in the vehicle you like with the optimal down payment and payment for your budget and situation.