You can report a warranty issue or a repair issue here. Your vehicle came with a 30 days/1000 mile warranty and a 90 day warranty on transmission. You can refer to your warranty paperwork to what is covered.

We will send you to a secure link to fill out a few quick fields to submit to us. After we receive it we will be in contact with you shortly.

If you would rather speak to someone to file your claim then call 770-973-8775 and let receptionist know you are having repair issue and she will forward you to Chase.


File Warranty Claim or Repair Issue

This is how the process works:

1) You file a warranty claim through website or by calling 770-973-8775

2) We receive your information that you submit. We will review the information and contact you by email or phone if needed. Typically it takes no more than 2 hours to contact you back or next business day if you called or emailed after 5pm.

3) If you are under warranty then we will have the shop contact you to schedule an appointment to bring your vehicle in. Some repairs take most of the day to repair or even a few days so be prepared by asking a friend or relative to pick you up when dropping off the vehicle.

***No loaners or rentals are available.

4) After your vehicle is done we will contact you or you can contact us to follow up and you can come pick up. That's it.

-----If it's not a warranty item coverage or you are out of warranty then we will let you know and give you pricing and you can decide if you want us to repair the vehicle or not.

-----Also please note that the vehicle must have a legitimate issue. At times, customers want us to look over the vehicle because their warranty is almost up. If that is the case you could be charged for an inspection. Minimum fee for a general inspection is $85 per hour with a one hour mininum.

----Most of all, be patient. We understand it's frustrating when you just buy a vehicle and it has issues but that is what the warranty is for. We don't like when it happens either but things happen and vehicles break down. We inspect as best we can but we cannot predict what will break down. The reason we put a warranty is because some items pop up after it's been driven for a week or two. We will do our best to take care of you as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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