National Auto Sales Warranty and Inspection

Most dealers only offer a powertrain warranty for one month that covers your engine and transmission. Well what if you have other problems right after you purchase your car like your brakes, alignment, ac, wipers, doors, check engine light, strange noises and more. Well we offer coverage on a lot more than just powertrain. For 30 days after you buy the vehicle we cover the majority of items. Then we have extended coverage for 3 months on your transmission. This is a truly powerful warranty that not many places offer and we do because we stand behind what we sell. Make sure to visit or call us for more information and details.

National Auto Sales Warranty

National Auto Sales Inspection

National Auto Sales Limited Warranty*

When we inspect a vehicle we can only check any issues it has right then and there. It is difficult to foresee problems that may happen in a few days, next week, or the next month after you buy your vehicle.

That is why we include 2 FREE limited warranties with every financed vehicle purchase.

We want to make sure that if your check engine light comes on 2 weeks after you buy the car that you don’t have to worry about paying for it or if your transmission goes out in 2 months that you are covered.

Please call or visit dealership for more details on our warranty.

30 Day or 1000 miles Warranty:

This 30 day/1000 miles (whichever comes first) warranty covers most items on your vehicle such as check engine light, door locks not working, starter, mechanical failure of some sort, etc.

90 Day Warranty:

For the full 90 days we offer a warranty on your transmission so after your 30 day coverage is up you still have another 60 days on your transmission.

What we have found is that most minor items typically pop up within the first week of driving it that’s why the 30 day warranty comes in handy. Transmission issues may take a little longer to start showing signs of trouble so that’s why we offer a 90 day warranty on that.

We check our vehicles out to make sure you have that piece of mind that you are purchasing a quality and clean used vehicle.

All vehicles go through a comprehensive inspection. The majority of the vehicles are inspected at the auction after we purchase them before ever getting to the lot. This is a post sale inspection service that the auction offers. If there are any major problems such as engine, transmission then we are let out of the purchase.

The vehicles then arrive at our separate service facility where they go through an inspection and repairs as necessary. After that they are fully detailed then delivered to the lot for sale.

We have our own Service Facility right across the street from our lot. It is equipped with 10 lifts, alignment rack, emissions station, detail bays and a front office. All the vehicles we buy go here first to get inspected, fixed, emissions done and then detailed. Warranty work is also done here as well.  We perform visual inspections as well as road test inspections on all our vehicles.

***Please visit dealership for details and conditions with the warranty and items covered.