Vehicle History Reports

We will provide a FREE Autocheck or Carfax report upon your request.

Autocheck and CarFax are a similar service. They track title history and service history if it was recorded at time of service.

This gives the customer a chance to make sure that the title is clean and free of salvage. If there was an accident then was it repaired? Was the car deemed a salvage after the accident? We DO NOT buy Salvage vehicles. Salvage means the car was in an accident and it was deemed so severe that the car is considered a salvage unit. Many times people will repair a severely damaged car but the title will still be salvage. We stay away from this. You can also view how many owners, service history if it was recorded at the repair facility and more.

Overall, it just gives the customer a history on the vehicle they are buying and to make sure it’s free from major issues. Overall there is nothing to really be concerned about if there are multiple owners. Additionally if you see an accident on the history report that is usually not cause for concern either unless it was severe damage and was not repaired correctly or it is deemed a salvage vehicle. If it was deemed a salvage vehicle then the title will show salvage and the history report will show that.

Essentially all a vehicle history report does is track the title history on the vehicle and any service records that were recorded. Just one more tool for both the dealer and consumer to make sure they are buying a good vehicle with a clean history.


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