What if you don't have the full down payment we have listed?

What are approval requirements?

So there is something called a pick payment. What that means if we are asking $699 down and you only have $500 we can give you a month to pay the other $200. Generally we will add $100 to first payment and $100 to second payment. In some cases we may be able to drop the down payment to $599 instead so you only have to come up with $100 within a month.

So if you are a litte short we can generally allow up to $300 to be paid within a month. Over $300 is tough and you must have higher income to support that.

Most cars on the lot if you have $500 you can get in a large majority of them and then do the pick pay if you think you can afford it.

Every app and situation is different so we don't really have a set criteria but there are some things we look at. We look at these 3 things below.



Income-one of the more important factors. If you can't afford the car payment and insurance then chances are the approval won't go through.

Generally we like to see income at $2200 or more but this depends on your bills.

If you are under 25 and have no credit and income under $1800 it's tough to get you approved and we would generally ask for a parent to co-sign or a larger down payment.

If you don't qualify for the low down payment putting $1200, $1500 to $2000 down all depending on car you are looking at will most likely get you approved or having a better co-signer like a parent, spouse or family member.

That is very important. Although you don't have to be well qualified for our low down payments if you are even higher risk than normal then $1500 or more down will get alot of the higher risk deals approved. $1500 is not much too invest in a car purchase so the more you put down the better anyways since it saves in interest and lower payments.

The big reason we do low down payments is because we know many people don't have much more than $500 to put down. However, if you have it it's a good idea to put it down.

So if you fill out an application and you are not approved for the low down remember a larger down or co-signer could push the financing through.


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