Why buy from us? The National Auto Sales Advantage

You may ask: “What set’s National Auto Sales apart from other dealers? Why should I buy a car from you?”

Well we believe there are many reasons why.


One of the main things that we focus on and that we train our staff on is customer service. We make sure we always put the customer first. Our sales staff always gets excellent reviews. They treat the customer with respect, kindness and don’t pressure them into a sale. We want to make sure that your need are met. We want you to have a good experience and be satisfied with your vehicle. We don’t get anything from you having a bad experience. We want you to be happy, give us good reviews and tell your friends and family and keep coming back to us for years. We also understand that buying a used car can be a scary experience. We want to assure you that if you have an issue with your vehicle shortly after you buy it we will take steps to remedy the situation and make sure you are satisfied within reason.


We have 300 cars in our inventory with 150-200 on our lot and another 100-150 at our shop getting serviced and detailed before coming over. It will be tough to find another buy-here pay-here with so many vehicles to choose from at just one location. We also offer a large variety.


We have always been one of the only dealerships to offer such low down payments and on higher risk credit. Our down payments typically average around 500-800. They can be as low as $99 or even 0 down on repeat customers. We want to make sure you can get into a vehicle with little money down.


You may have thought that with bad credit you will pay interest rates upward of 25%. While this is true with the majority of buy-here pay-here dealers we are actually more in line with secondary finance rates. Compare our rates with the competition and I think you will be satisfied.


It is easy for us to say we sale quality vehicles but what steps do we take to make sure of that? Many car dealerships don’t spend a whole lot on reconditioning vehicles. They do some minor repair work, sale the vehicle and then leave costly repairs up to the customer weeks or even days later with no help. We believe that is not good business. We spend a ton of money on reconditioning. Some vehicles don’t need much reconditioning and some need more. 4 tires alone can run upwards of $500 so if it needs 4 tires then we put 4 tires on it. We don’t stop there. We put every vehicle up in the air and inspect it underneath and repair as necessary. We test drive each vehicle and check for things like how it drives, the alignment, balance, does ac and heat work, do the windows work, mirrors, seats, radio, etc. Is there any major oil leaks, does the transmission shift properly. Then we don’t stop there. Is there anything cosmetically that needs to be done to the car? Are there any scratches or wear on the trim?

We really do spend a lot of time, money and effort to put out a quality product.

We honestly don’t want you to be afraid of purchasing a vehicle from us and our reputation is everything. That is why it’s so important for us to put out the best product we can.


All Buy-Here Pay-Here means is that we sale vehicles as well as finance them. In no way should the term Buy-Here Pay-Here be taken as a negative term with us. We provide the whole experience at one location. No need to shop your loan out to a bunch of outside finance companies hoping to get you approved. This is a big advantage of offering our own financing. It allows a more face to face experience with both the car sale and your financing needs and you can come to us with both.


831 Cobb Pkwy N. Marietta, GA 30062