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Advantages of Financing with National Auto Sales

We provide the financing

Since we can provide the financing we can be more flexible with down payments and certain credit situations. That is a huge advantage over many car dealerships that outsource your information to many different lenders trying to get you bought.

Lower down payments

We honestly have some of the lowest if not lowest down payments around. Even if you have problem credit we can get you into a vehicle with an extremely low down payment. Down payments are based off what your budget is, the vehicle, payments, and length of loan. We have a recommended down payment for each vehicle and this can vary based off several different factors.

Competitive interest rate

We have interest rates that are comparable with secondary financing rates. Even if you don’t have perfect credit you can still get into a quality vehicle with an affordable interest rate.

Reporting to Equifax

Many Buy-Here Pay-Here dealers don’t report to Equifax. A vehicle is a major purchase and can be a big boost to your credit score. We report every month so we can help you re-establish your credit.

National Auto Sales specializes in providing financing to individuals with current or past credit problems.

National Auto Sales is proud to be one of the largest independent dealers in Georgia. We also do our own financing and specialize in approvals for problem credit. What sets us apart from many of our competitors is the quality and variety of vehicles that we carry. They undergo multiple inspections so you have that piece of mind you are buying a quality vehicle and a better chance of finding what you like.

Advantages of buying a vehicle from National Auto Sales

I'm ready to purchase. What do I need?

1) Fill out an application online, by phone or at dealership

If you are approved then you need to bring these documents in with you.

-Drivers License

-Proof of Residence(Recent bill showing name and address)

-Paystubs and any other proof of income


Before taking delivery of the vehicle you must have full coverage insurance so be prepared to get that taken care of. We have agents we work with that can get you insurance as well.

Huge Inventory

We don’t just have 30 cars for you to choose from-we have over 200! This gives you a better chance of finding what your looking for. We have one of the largest inventories in the State of Georgia at one location. You won’t find that at your typical dealer.

Large Variety of vehicles

We carry a wide variety of vehicles such as Suvs, Trucks, Sedans, Sports cars, Luxury vehicles, Vans, Late models, Low mileage, etc. With over 200 vehicles we are sure to have something that fits your needs. There really is no need to shop elsewhere. We have one of the largest inventories around at one location with all types of makes and models.


Everybody is scared of buying a used vehicle. We understand that so we are very careful when we purchase them. When we purchase a vehicle we make sure we purchase from reliable sources. None of our vehicles are salvage, fire, or mileage altered vehicles. We also do a post sale inspection on most vehicles when we purchase them at auction. This is a service the auction offers that inspects the vehicle for major problems such as transmission and engine. If problems are found then we are let out of the purchase.

State of the art service facility

We have our own service shop right across the street from our dealership. All our vehicles that we purchase go here first to get inspected, repaired, detailed, and the emissions done before ever coming to the lot. It is equipped with 15 lifts, 7 mechanics, detail area, and an emissions station.

Free Warranty and Top Notch inspections

Not only do we spend a bunch of money on reconditioning and up front work before offering the car for sale we also offer a warranty at no charge to the customer. We spend on average triple compared to the industry average on repairs compared to the market averages. See more about the warranty on our website.

Customer service

A goal of any business should be to make sure the customer is always satisfied with our staff and the vehicle they bought. We train our staff to make sure that the customer is #1 priority. A business cannot survive unless customer service is top priority. If a customer is not happy then we are doing something wrong. We have great reviews and feedback and some take the time to go online and express there satisfaction. If a customer calls us with an issue we try our very best to resolve it. We do make mistakes and we are not always perfect but our top priority is to always make sure to resolve disputes and concerns in a fair, courteous and professional manner and we always recommend a customer contact a manager is they are not happy for any reason whatsoever so we can try and resolve it.

What is the process of buying a vehicle with National Auto Sales?

Your initial experience whether by phone or in person will be with a salesperson. The role of the salesperson is to assist you in your car buying experience.  

The Application Process

When you are ready to purchase a vehicle or obtain financing then the salesperson will assist you in filling out a credit application and reference sheet and obtaining copies of your paystubs or proof of income, proof of residence, and a drivers license.

The Approval Process

Once we have all your information, our experienced finance department will review your application for financing.

The Closing Process

Once the financing is worked out and your ready to take delivery of your vehicle then someone will thoroughly go over the documents with you that you need to sign and answer any questions you may have. Congratulations you have just purchased a vehicle! That wasn’t too painful now was it? We try to make the car buying experience with us a non stressful event and as painless and quick as possible.

National Auto Sales